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Bringing Home the Bakin'

bake my cake and eat it, too

Like many others, I’m sure, I am ringing in the New Year with a slew of resolutions.  One, of many, is to lead a healthier lifestyle.  As an avid baker, it has always been important for me to bake with fresh, high quality ingredients, but this year, in keeping with my resolutions, I want to begin incorporating new, healthier alternatives to the traditional staples. Of the new items that I have been trying, one in particular has gained a permanent spot in my pantry: coconut sugar.  Coconut sugar (also referred to as palm sugar) is a vitamin-rich, unrefined sugar made from the sap of cut coconut flower buds.  With a low glycemic-index, and sugar substitute ratio of 1-1, it is the perfect way to add a few health benefits to your baked goods (and just in time for New Year’s resolutions!).  I highly recommend this product.

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